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September 23, 2016

Dear colleagues,

     I want to invite you to come to this year’s Carolinas Conference on Addiction and Recovery, November 1 & 2 in Morganton, NC. This is the 18th and final year of this event and I hope you will choose to be with us as we continue to educate, train and inspire professionals like you. It has been a great experience, but even good things must come to an end. I have been blessed beyond measure to be able to bring this conference to so many people. You will join over 4,000 prior attendees who have earned over 70,000 combined hours of training and that has made a real difference in the ability of the addiction field to bring recovery, health and wellness to their many clients. 
     We have talked over the years about creating recovery-oriented communities of care where we live, work, worship and play.  We have made progress toward that goal but there is so much more work that is needed. Our focus this year is on RECOVERY—what it means, how we engage people to begin their journeys, and how we support them along the way.  WE ARE IN THE RECOVERY BUSINESS, NOT THE TREATMENT BUSINESS. TREATMENT IS BUT ONE, IMPORTANT ASPECT OF RECOVERY. 
     Our theme for Day 1 (Tuesday, Nov. 1) deals with developing recovery awareness: “Disable the Label: Words Matter.” Our theme for   Day 2 (Wednesday, Nov 2) deals with creating a holistic, integrative recovery program: “Combining Evidence-Based Practices with Practice-Based Evidence in Treatment and Recovery Support Services.” We will hear from men and women who, every, day, share their experience, strength and hope in many ways to help individuals and families find joy and serenity in their new lives in recovery.

     Folks, this is why we do what we do.  This is what it is all about.  This is why we get up in the morning, because we know that if we don’t, someone won’t hear the message or get the help they need.  It is a big responsibility but we all know that it is worth it.  Come enjoy these two days and get ready to return home better prepared and more energized for the important work we are called to do.

Gratefully yours,
Jim Van Hecke, Conference Director

recovery: what it means;
how we engage people to begin their journeys; and
how we support them along the way

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